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Some conditions of use apply at these Snails Bay dolphin moorings.

Campbell’s Cove

In the heart of Sydney Harbour, and with views of every major Sydney icon, Campbell’s Cove needs little introduction.

SSM can offer berthing for one vessel up to 60 metres at this historic dock equidistant between Australia’s two greatest landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sublime Sydney Opera House.

Campbell’s Cove represents a sightseers dream with the historic suburb of The Rocks on its doorstep.

Considered the crown jewel of berthing for any circumnavigating vessel’s global itinerary. It is the Christmas and New Year period when Campbell’s Cove truly comes into its own. Booking this berth well in advance is highly recommended.

The harbour is turned into a spectacular sea of light, arguably the finest fireworks display of the year is set off from the Bridge and once again Sydney is transformed into the New Year’s Eve capital of the world!


  • Ideal for larger vessels whose air-draft exceeds the 50m limit set for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • In the heart of the CBD and within walking distance to many of Sydney’s famous icons.

Snails Bay

Sydney Superyacht Marina offers long term storage opportunities for large commercial vessels.  SSM has the ability to offer commercial operators the option of accommodating barges and tugboats in Snails Bay, in one of the most central locations of the harbour, to reinforced concrete “Dolphins”.

The area is well sheltered to the West and South by the Balmain peninsula and to the East by Goat Island.  Snails Bay offers a low-cost option to accommodate Sydney Harbour’s working fleet.